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Following the latest government guidelines, I  am permitted to continue to carry out maintenance work and wanted to reassure customers of the following safety measures that I will be following:

Social Distancing

I will be adhering to 2m social distancing at all times and where possible will not be in the same room as the customer for any prolonged period of time. Although in normal times, I'd love a cuppa, I won't be able to accept one at the moment so please don't be offended when I turn down the offer of food or drink (but you can get the biscuits in for when we come out of lockdown and restrictions!). 


I will only be able to accept payment by card. Cash and cheques will not be accepted until further notice.

Daily Health Check

I will undertake a daily health self-assessment and will not visit vulnerable people or those self-isolating during lockdown.

Hygiene Procedures

I will sanitise hands regularly. Disposable latex-free gloves will be worn wherever possible.


I will be wearing a face covering at all times in front of customers.

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